The Explode Formula Auditing Plug-In

Ever get frustrated with the limitations of the Formula Auditing process in MS Excel?  The blue arrows work great to trace precedents or dependents on one worksheet but wouldn't you love to know what cells from other worksheets impacted or are impacted by a particular cell?

In April 2009 while working on a hairy workbook that drives an equally robust Xcelsius dashboard, I had enough and found the Explode add-in through the bulletin board.  I just knew I wasn't alone in my frustration.  Below is the descriptive text from the folk that programmed the add-in.  Make sure you read the directions.  This nifty little utility is working like a champ for me.

"A powerful, intuitive, easy to use, and FREE formula auditing tool. Designed by a professional financial modeller to be used by experts and newbs alike. Once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Imagine using the audit arrow feature on a formula and then tracing each precedent or dependent to find out what the value is and then finally returning back to that origin cell. Imagine if you could automate that process and display all that information instantly in a well organized interactive format. Now that would be a great formula auditing tool! One day I stopped wishing for it and just built it. Now you can have it too."

Here's the link for the download.  It's a zip file.  Save to your desired location, extract all and install per the directions.




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