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What Working With Cornerstone Business Solutions Can Mean to You!
Build a Better Business Today

Chris Hunter, MBA and PrincipalChris Hunter

Cornerstone was founded in 2001 with a clear vision:  Helping Clients Build Better Businesses

Success is measured by the degree owners bring the full potential of their business’ to the bottom line. One client puts it this way:

“Cornerstone helps us work smarter, not harder. We’re seeing real improvements in our business and in our bottom line.”


How do we do it? We help business owners learn to work ON, instead of just working IN their business.

This philosophy is neatly outlined in Michael E. Gerber’s best-selling book The E-Myth Revisited — Why Most Small Business Don’t Work and What to Do About It. (Let us know If you’d like a free copy of this insightful book.)

Using a new and fresh perspective, businesses begin working for their owners instead of owners working for them. Simultaneously, a business also typically experiences improved cash flow and profitability.

You should, however, expect your investment in business development to do more than just increase cash flow and profitability. In its fullest sense, an investment in business development should increase your business’ value and personal life satisfaction and these are where the highest returns are found!

To that end, Cornerstone helps business owners answer six questions:

1. What is my business worth?
2. Why would someone pay that?
3. Is my business increasing in value? How fast? Why?
4. What should I be doing to build value?
5. What do I want my business to be worth in the future?
6. How am I going to exit my business?

Business owners need to think through these questions and realize that their businesses are investments, not jobs, and, like all jobs, they come to an end. A business that merely produces a salary and has no “end” planned for the owner is really nothing more than a ‘high-risk job with the owner(s) assuming all the risk.

There is a better way and systematic, disciplined business development is the answer!  Call us today to discover how to unlock the full potential of your business.

Yours for building better business,

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P.S. In building Cornerstone, we decided from the outset to offer our services on a satisfaction-guaranteed basis. We believe our clients are entitled to see a handsome return on their business development investment. If they don’t, they shouldn’t be satisfied.

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