Cornerstone PowerPoint Presentations

MS PowerPoint presentations of general interest to clients and friends.
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PPT_projOver the years, we’ve created several MS PowerPoint presentations that are of general interest to clients and friends. Some of the best are packaged below to allow you to download and view at your convenience.

MS OneNote – Implementation and Application

OneNote_LogoPresentation to the Four Corners Conference for Professional Development done in conjunction with Microsoft OneNote MVP Ben Schorr will get you up to speed and productive with this powerful, but underused, tool in the MS Office Suite. Click here to access the resources.

loanThe Ins and Outs of Business Banking and Borrowing

This presentation, done with Bank of the Southwest, looks at how banks consider credit worthiness and how to find the best banker and loan.

Delegation Thoughts

delegationBusiness owners struggle with letting go and letting others do. Let this presentation help by showing you how to delegate one step at a time so that you, the business owner, are free to work ON not just IN the business.

Planning and Publishing Your Company Website

This is a short presentation on the basic considerations and process for creating your company’s web site — a service Cornerstone is able to assist you with.

Project Management for Business and for Life

This presentation was created for the 2009 Four Corners Professional Development Conference in Farmington, NM.  very well received by the workshop participants, all of the basics for competently tackling a project are found here. Click the link to access the presentation and support resources.

Strategic Alliances:  Ways to Think About Them; Ways to Work Them

Created for a client considering a joint venture relationship with a similar firm in another city, this presentation digs into the essence of what a business should consider when forming an alliance. Click here to download the file.

The Ins and Outs of Filing

First presented to the Aztec Chamber of Commerce, this presentation will help you learn to manage files as opposed to having them manage you. Click the link to access the presentation and support resources.

The Elevator Speech – Your “Five Floor” Key to Opening Animals

This presentation was made to the Four Corners Conference for Professional Development.  This presentation will provide you with the hands-on tools to make your own elevator speech work for you. Click the link to access the presentation and support resources.

Thoughts Worth Pondering

A powerful series of leadership quotes structured around the business development rocket.  This slideshow has timed animations so place it in slideshow mode and let it drive itself.

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